Usui Reiki Master / Teacher  -  Bemidji, Minnesota

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Reiki on the shores of Loch Ness


My name is Betty Barnes and I am a Registered Karuna* Reiki Master/Teacher traveling the United States with my husband/ twin flame in our RV.  We share our life with Maggie, a Lhasa Apso/terrier mix rescue dog.   As a two-time cancer survivor, I have experienced many peaks and valleys in my journeys on this Earth.  

Even in my early years, I was aware that there was "something else" to this physical existence and, as a result of my cancer experience and its accompanying emotional and spiritual fallout, I began my formal Reiki studies in year 2002.  Once embarking on my own path, I found that I was soon called upon to share the practical uses, techniques, and philosophies of Reiki with others.  Professional memberships include the Reiki Membership Association (The International Center for Reiki Training).

The majority of the photographs on this site are from time spent in Scotland, which I consider my second country since spending the winter of 2005-2006 with my then fiance' (now husband) in his native bonnie land.   A mystical, magical and breathtakingly beautiful place, Scotland truly is the home of my soul, especially Glencoe in The Highlands.

Other interests include drum circles, photography, entertaining the Writer's Muse, Native American studies, knitting, gardening, camping and volunteerism.    Volunteerism has included  the Lance Armstrong Foundation (now LiveSTRONG), hospice work, Relay for Life, Adopt-A-Platoon, Certified Emergency Response Team (CERT)  and Reiki Medical Research.

My life experiences have gifted me with an empathy for those in crisis and for those who are simply seeking inner peace . . . perhaps not  even sure why they signed up for my classes, just knowing that their "little voice" directed them to learn more about Reiki.  Through my Reiki work and the telling of my stories, I have been privileged to walk with my students on their paths, if even for a short while, and to perhaps help them find what they are seeking or at least share with them the hope for a life filled with joy, love, and laughter.

*Karuna Reiki is a registered trademark of The International Center for Reiki Training.  My Karuna certification was with William Lee Rand, founder of The ICRT.